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This site is dedicated to Pennsylvania Railroad Steam Locomotives

Thanks to the following for permission to use photos from their collection

Bud Laws
The Denver Public Library
Gary Mittner
Gerald Foley
Bob Rathke on George Elwood's web site
Robert Schoenberg

PRR steam index

American Type,D Class (4-4-0)
Atlantic Type,E Class (4-4-2)
Consolidation Type,H Class (2-8-0)
Decapod Type,I Class (2-10-0)
Duplex Q1 Class (4-6-4-4)
Duplex Q2 Class (4-4-6-4)
Duplex S1 Class (6-4-4-6)
Duplex T Class (4-4-4-4)
Mallet CC Class (0-8-8-0)
Mallet HH Class (2-8-8-2)
Mikado Type, L Class (2-8-2)
Mogul Type, F Class (2-6-0)
Mountain Type, M Class (4-8-2)
Pacific Type, K Class (4-6-2)
Santa Fe Type, N Class (2-10-2)
Simple Articulated HC Class (2-8-8-0)
Steam Turbine Type, S2 Class (6-8-6)
Ten Wheeler Type, G Class (4-6-0)
Texas Type, J Class (2-10-4)

Four Wheel Switcher or Shifter Type, A Class (0-4-0)
Six Wheel Switcher Type, B Class (0-6-0)
Eight Wheel Switcher Type, C Class (0-8-0)

What do all these different numbers,
0-4-0, 4-6-2, 2-10-0, 4-4-6-4 mean?

New photos that I haven't added to the correct index yet.
And won't untill I get 20 or 30 new photos because each
photo requires editing the previous and next HTML
file so they all point to the correct files

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